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About Rento

Rento Innovations Oy is a fresh Finnish IT start-up, providing high quality products. We are currently working on IoT solutions to provide outstanding products for our customers. Our headcount is yet rather small, but our experience is huge.

Rento ideology stands on world class user experience always understanding that it requires an amazing eye-candy user interface, yet simple and easy to use, while having rock solid functionality on the backend.

We have a constant delivery model and we are agile. Development process has all the latest methodologies to ensure automated tests and continuous integration are baked in to each project, quality is one of our core principles.


Tero Kaarrela


Experienced full-stack developer. "New tech" junkie and highly skilled developer, who just might be in love with POC's. Has excellent training skills and is able to explain his tech stuff in such a manner that even designer and sales understands. Loves to make techno.

Mira Aaltonen


Passion for digital design. Bad UX makes her scream and cry at the same time. 15 years ago started as a dev, but soon realized that likes to break other developers toys more than to create the toys for others to break. Loves gadgets and thinks that if you don't have data, then it never happened. Good at Instagram stalking.

Vesa Nohteri


20 years in IT-field and still loves every second of it. Experienced in both technical and management sides. Nowadays more in management side, but to satisfy his technical side, eagerly deep-dips into the Rento products. Passion for sales and marketing. Loves most of the people and would hug them often if he wouldn't be a Finn. Believes that he plays tennis like Roger Federer.

Tech dudes


Dudes who love to code and participate on other tech related tasks. They help Rento to shine by providing beautiful studies and attractive code. They don't settle for second best. They are in constant beast mode always ready to rumble. They are The Tech-Ninja's.


Vesa Nohteri. CEO.

+358 50 484 2634